Welcome To Flood, this clan is one of the oldest clans that is still around. This clan was born on March 3'rd 2008 by Jack but then came along Montreal.Canadiens/Andy which helped this clan become of what it is now and most of its history. Without Andy  this clan would not still be around. This clan has been through way more then most new clans have and has been through many good times and also many bad. We are hoping this clan has one good last run in it and becomse one of the best. Our last war recording was 64-2, only losing to goog and the strikers. We hope we get just as many loyal members if not more as last time and become one of the greatest.


Rules Of The Clan:

- No Clan Whores

-Be Mature

-No Flaming

-Be Loyal

When Recruited please put your name and some important information about yourself in the Guestbook. This will give us a better understanding of you and your strengths. If you do not, it will create a minor issue.

Also We will have regular tournaments. These tournaments will be designed to keep our clan in tip top shape. If you win the tournament you get to be on the administration and show that we can trust you in wars with us. If you do not do well, you have some work to do and will be put at Moderator. This isn't a punishment, we just want to make sure we are best at each position in the clan.








News And War Record

Clan News
7/23/10-Flood is Reborned by Andy and Jack

7/23/10-Andy Builds site, Wins 3 wars.

8/4/10-Andy and Cooper beat Ap-Sa.


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